Bagless Bag
AKA cyclist's sling/shopping sling

It Bag-nizes Everything

Bagless Bag is actually a versatile sling. It turns your carrying object itself into a bag. Primary purpose of this product was to provide cyclists an another kind of bag that is super compact, or even bagless. It only weighs 110g, so it can be hooked up to the belt loops on your trousers to wear. You may feel like carrying nothing at all.

Bagless Bag meets Plastic Bags

The advantage of this Bagless Bag is that the bag part can be anything of your choice as long as it can be hooked by the karabiners. Particularly plastic bags work great with Bagless Bag. It almost brings it up to another level of usability because now you can carry them hands free!

Born as a Cyclists' Sling

I am a cyclist who used to carry a huge backpack all the time because of groceries or other loads to happen. Such an empty backpack still has some weight and it could also let my back sweat sometimes. So I needed to create something that is almost equivalent to nothing when not in use. Eventually I came up with this concept in which I realized the bag part can be replaced by the carrying load itself.

To Beyond Compact

While every other single super-compact-bag in the history has been developed on focusing minimizing its folded bag volume, Bagless Bag took a very different way to go even further. It outsources its bag part. So evidently, it is far beyond less than "compact."

Start Reuse of Plastic Bags with Bagless Bag

In 2017, French government seems to be taking off for the total prohibition of making and use of disposal plastic-made products. I knew French people had already made an effort in 1970's to deal with teeming plastic-bag-waste by actually increasing the thickness of the plastic bags. So it can be more durable and suitable for reuse. They have been working on this issue consistently, and it is very important to understand correctly. What they will prohibit is the ones made for disposal purposes. Specifically for plastic bags, that means thinner ones will be banned. We need to think wisely how we could reuse plastic bags more than ever. If my Bagless Bag kicks you to start taking an action one step forward, it is more than my honor.


bagless bag


Basic usage is introduced in the clip


Shows how to extend and fold back