Transparent Necktie "EUREKA"
When it all comes down to.. Transparency matters!!

Most clearly, Transparent Necktie is the clearest necktie in the world. The uniqueness of the distinctive curves and the texture can also be found in no other neckties. Explore the new world through Transparent Necktie!

Clairet: darker than Rosé and lighter than Bordeaux


Crystal Clear: standard and the best

Heavenly Blue

Celeste: Sky di Italiano

Polar Night: plain

Polar Night: stripe

Polar Night: polka dots (snowy polar night)

EUREKA is also the only necktie in the world that has rewritable feature. A recommended white POSCA blackboard marker comes with your purchase. This specific marker is ideal because of its scratch resistant, splash water resistant, and its great erasability on PVC. Your writing can be erased with a wet cloth or water. When you rather prefer to keep your writing/drawing, you may do so by using a permanent marker. If you would like to use other blackboard markers, please test its erasability before use.

Eureka almost suits to any shirt because of its transparency. The transparency also makes it possible buttons to be still visible behind the necktie. Eureka is made of PVC and therefore it can be maintained easily. Even in a such case, you spill bloody wine over it, it is absolutely hustle free. You can just wipe it off. You do not need dry cleaning ever for this necktie! You may wash it gently with dish washing detergent and warm water when necessary.